January 2017

Yocan Hive 5 Colors

Yocan Hive Review

Yocan Hive - Wax Pen & Cannabidiol  (CBD)  Pen The Yocan Hive is tiny and exquisite in appearance. Although lightweight, Yocan Hive fits and feels perfect in the hand due to its rounded edge design. Reinforced with brushed stainless steel trimming at the top and bottom of the unit, Yocan Hive looks modern and functional all in a little powerful package.  The Replaceable atomizer connects the box mod smartly by built-in magnets, simply draw the atomizer out to separate two parts.    Wax [...]

December 2016

Best Portable Enail — Yocan Torch (Dry herb & Wax )

Best Portable Enail --- Yocan Torch Yocan Torch can be one of the best portable enail in the market, with a fabulous appearance, customer-friendly design, and health dabbing mode. It will definitely become the next iconic product after Yocan Evolve Plus. Let’s see what're the highlights of this device.   Two in one (dry herb vaporizer & wax pen): The basic device comes with Quartz Dual Coil, which guarantees a crystal clean and smooth essence. If you want to use Yocan Torch for dry herb backing, simply replace the QDC with a [...]

best dry herb vaporizer Yocan iShred

Yocantech proudly presents best dry herb vaporizer Yocan iShred, the ultimate vape kit that addresses all your concerns. Features a completely new design that is meant to be an improvement over previous vape pen models made by Yocan, perfect for beginner and experts alike. Did the improvements lead to a better dry herb vaporizer pen? It seems so! Read on to get the full story of the Yocan iShred dry herb vaporizer.   Stir pin&All Ceramic Heating Chamber With a built-in stir pin in it, [...]

Fully Use Yocan Evolve Plus – What to Do ?

How To Fully Use Yocan Evolve Plus  Yocan evolve plus has 5 quick clicks to lock and unlock the unit. There is an additional feature that most people don't know about. When you do your 5 quick clicks to turn off the unit you'll get triple flash to confirm. Take your hit, let go of the button and the flash will appear back on for a couple seconds. This is to be sure your airway is clear of any built [...]

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