Yocan Evolve Plus XL

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Yocan Evolve Plus XL,the newest vaporizer pen,you deserve it.

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Black, Silver, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Luminous color


  1. So I bought this Pen for my Dad, by the way we made our own for a little bit more $ a couple years ago. I saw this baby with 4 coils and knew it must be good! I asked around and looked online and researched what I was looking and everything looked great. Now test time, it worked better than I could have thought. They seem to have fixed all the problems I was running into. Like leaking wax/oil on through to the coils… such a mess, this is so easy to clean too! I just love it! Had to get myself one and several for more gifts as well. Honestly I think Yocan has my business for life! Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Have had a Yocan + for a while and love it. This is a monster with 4 coils at NSEW almost making a circular coil. It has a wider coil making it easy-to-use and load sticky wax. It has a 510 for battery connection so it will fit your variable wattage mod as well. One big extra! It works while charging. Sassy!

  3. Got my XL, 1 month ago. It is the best decision I’ve made so far this YEAR!!! The thing out performs all expectations. I’ll keep it short sweet & to the point. Grab 1 for yourself, you won’t regret it!!! Case closed…

  4. My magnet became week after a month and then when i droped it it quit working and i used about 2 coils a month.. But what i did find usfull is taking the top of the mod off and using it in my vape work 10 times better.

  5. Bought one couple weeks ago. Friend has the 2 coil evolve that I tried and mad me want one so i ended up grabbing the plus and this thing rips. Was almost dissapointed when hitting my buddies regular 2 coil evolve.lol Yo can has been getting better and better. Thanks for making a great accessible rig. The necklace makes it great for events so its always easy to get to when you want a puff during the days journey thru the vendors and of course food.

  6. The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is a great device! A friend suggested I get one and I’m so glad I did. The only complaint I have is I can’t tell when the battery is fully charged. There’s nothing in the instructions about that. Can you help? Thanks for making a great product!

    • Full charge the Evolve Plus XL needs 4-4.5 hours. There will be a red indicator light when you charge it,and the red light will disappear when it’s full charged.

  7. I just got the xl and I’m digging it so far the only thing is that I can’t find any info about what other accessories I can use with the battery I’d like to be able to burn oil with it some how… Dose anyone know if the curim atomizer will work or what oils I can use with the xl coils

  8. I just got the xl and I’m digging it so far the only thing is that I can’t find any info about what other accessories I can use with the battery I’d like to be able to burn oil with it some how… Dose anyone know if the curim atomizer will work or what oils I can use with the xl coils

  9. Recently picked up the plus XL and I was hoping to get a ceramic donut swap anyone know a link where I can get some??

  10. Hello! I have been using the basic evolve for a while. I went in today to get a plus and they were out of stock! But they had the plus XL, so I thought what the heck.. I’ll get it. And I was more than surprised to find a nifty lanyard in the box, as I used to drop mine on a frequent basis. And the storage container is adorable. My one and only suggestion is PLEASE make skins available for these! I am so protective of its metallic color and would love some sort of skin decal to be available. Thank you for being such creative people.

  11. Hey Ole. Whitehorse,Yukon . Like they say best investment ive made this year forsure. Dont take my word buy one for your selve i would buy it back from you my self if all is not good for u .thats how muck i beleive in it.never let me down yet.

  12. How much wax or crumble can be packed into it?? What do you guys suggest someone to pack in decimals would be great.!!!! Thanks and after reading the other reviews my other questions were answered

  13. Love the xl plus has me amazed at how much smoke it’s able to produce. Just can’t find out how to mess with the air flow.

  14. Bought this at my local vape shop. Got the XL on accident. Love it though. However, I wonder, can the dual coils be used on the XL? While I do like the 4 coils, I sometimes feel its too much. I like the magnetic top. I just hope it doesnt get bad quickly, will make this unusable.

  15. Purchased a Yocan couple years ago. Only complaint would be batteries needed to be replaced every 3-4 months. I purchased the Yocan Plus for my boyfriend and I. We both love it its the Best product ever! I have used concentrates and oils without any problems. Purchased in March and I have replaced 2 batteries so far. It is used everyday however.

  16. The Evolve plus Xl is amazing.
    4 coils hits as good or better than my dab rig.
    No leaks,long batterie life,perfect temperature for tasty hits,simple and works great.
    Highly recommended

  17. No wall plug in but I like this pen

  18. so i use to go through a vape a month. this Plus XL has lasted a year. its passes the test and for someone who use to just brake every vape around its a solid product. only complaint is oil leaking out top however i’ve never cleaned it just a wipe down here and there.

  19. The lanyard ring needs to be higher up the pen so while dangling
    the product does not seep out the top air hole of whatever chamber
    you use. That way we can use more product between re-fills.
    Other than that wow I love it I first bought the “Evolve” the next day
    I bought the “Evolve Plus”then I went on-line happy with the product
    wanting to see what else there is to offer, Then seeing the Plus XL
    I had to have it, and now do & I LOVE IT

  20. This pen is awesome at what it is intended for when it is in perfect condition. It’s life seems short though, and more and more issues arise over time. First the threads in the caps/containers begin to stick, making it difficult to access coils/stash, but not a big deal. The paint rubs off almost immediately, the battery life grows shorter, and (could be an issue only to mine) but it seems the charging port has the potential to shock you while pressing the button. However, when all of the stars are aligned, it does still hit mighty fine, and holds competition to its counter methods, for sure. I’d give it a 3 out of 5, would buy again for half the price.

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