Yocan Evolve Plus

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Yocan Evolve Plus,Quartz dual coil vaporizer pen with built-in silicon jar and micro USB port.

Brand Yocan
Model name Yocan Evolve Plus
Market direction for Concentrate
Material Pure metal with quartz coils
Technology QDC( Quartz Dual Coils ) technology
Color Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Orange
Thread Standard 510 thread
Battery 1100mah
Weight 210g
Specially service OEM, ODM
Package content 1*Evolve Plus atomizer
1*Evolve Plus battery
1*Extra quartz dual coils
1*Pick tool
1*Micro USB cable
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Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer Pen

You are gonna to fall in love with Yocan evolve plus. It’s perfect for you on the go or working with its pocket-size body. No more dissatisfaction with the tastes because it will bring you the best vape experience with its 1100mah battery and  Evolve plus coils. You will notice the points that make millions of people become its lover after owned one.

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Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Orange


  1. awsome and hits grate

  2. Heavy duty and hits hard

  3. I love my new evolve plus pen. I hits hard, it’s perfect for when your on the go or working. The best part is it has its own secret wax container at the bottom. I’ve owned a lot of expensive vape pens like the 710 oil pen, and the snoop dogg G pen and their good, but trying out the evolve plus pen was like falling in love for the first time. I can really say I’m an truly happy with this pen and recommend it to anyone and all of my friends.

  4. This is my first wax pen and I love it. It feels expensive when held…it has a solid weight. I got the black one with the silver accents, it’s beautiful! Cleans up surprisingly easy. I’ve just ordered the ceramic-donut coil replacement heads to compare the quality of smoke to the dual coils. It heats up as fast as you can click the button. It took me a minute to learn that I had to hold the button down while inhaling, but after that I was a very happy customer.
    Thanks Yocan!

    • Thank you for your time and comments.Hope you enjoy it all along.

  5. My first pen . And will no change it for another one..great hits.

  6. Love mine. Need to order another since I lost mine hiking.

  7. say no more awesome, easy to use and hard hitting

  8. Best pen for concentrates all categories! Never leave home without it.

  9. This is only my second small vape pen. I use it mainly for wax. When a friend gave us a Yocan Evolve Plus to hit last month, we immediately bought one of our own and then another. This will be my third time trying to refill the chamber, and the second time my thumbs are sore AF trying to get the top off to refill. Our original pen has the same issue. I see this as a design flaw. I dont have arthritis or anything its just that the small silver knob is waaaay to thin to get a grip on. I”ve struggled for the past half hour trying to get this thing off. NO GOTS. This is not a good pen for those without a tool kit. There was ZERO wax spilt and this is only my third refill. SMH.

  10. Where can I get the ceramic-donut coil replacement heads at?

    Thank you.

  11. Great vaporizer, works great. Only problem is if I take a little hit, -once I let go of the button, the unfit will shut off then a couple seconds after the light turns back on for a couple seconds then shuts off again. Is this normal? It won’t do it if I let it run the whole 5 seconds tho!?!

  12. Love my pen. Rips like a champ!! I accidentally broke the base piece on it…where can I order a new base piece? Thanks

  13. A Suggestion – It would be really useful if there was a ‘ hit button 5 times fast to turn on device ‘ somewhere on the packaging. Luckily scanning YouTube Videos had a kind person that shared this information. Was a tad frustrating trying to figure out why the coils were not heating.

  14. We LOVED our pen. The best thing we’ve tried (and there’s been many) it hits perfect, it lasts FOREVER and it’s the perfect way to smoke. Period. The only complaint I can say I have is now after about 5 months of having it, the button is already like stuck inside of it. Sometimes it doesn’t work 🙁 other than that I LOVE this product.

  15. Yocan is the undisputed champion in this arena. I won’t name the other companies who’s products are a “novelty” at best. Yocan’s products, including this one, (I own several Torcan Torches, Cerum Ceramic 510 Atomizer, Thor etc) are STRONG, built to more than last. They are NOT cheap flimsy plastic and Pyrex. I was skeptical at first having used them all, glass globe blah blah. Then I found Yocan. I highly recommend any of their products. If you want an e nail, but don’t want to drop a car payment…get the Yocan Torch portable e nail. It’s price will make you think it’s a gimmick it’s results will literally blow your mind. Great company, one of the few in China who sincerely tries to help you despite it being difficult due to the fact we’re Americans and assume the world revolves around us. When it comes to Chinese products like these, don’t waste your time with anything else from anybody else other than Yocan. Plus these coils last forever, quartz dual coils. I have an old one that’s at least a year or two old that works perfectly. Just need a dry burn careful cleaning. I’m not going to get into a speel about morality here, I consume for reasons I consume…and Yocan has changed and made MY life substantially better, easier, and more user friendly than other company’s products do and thus, I highly recommend Yocan to anybody looking to get that next level product without that holy hell next level product price.

  16. Not too bad for the price and quality. Hits hard. The is the one for all my concentrates and will not be going back. If I had one pen to recommend to all, this would be it!

  17. I have never used wax before and knew very little about it. I have bulging disc’s, nervous system destroyed (due to the Fungal Meningitis outbreak in 2012,” and assorted stomach problems. I finally inquired about wax and vaping and decided to give it a try. My very first smoke out of my Evolve Plus offered a great deal of pain relief; better than a glass pipe. It is so simple to use and maintain, it cuts down on prep time (rolling or filling/cleaning a pipe), and offers up a smooth smoke. If you have not used wax as a pain reliever I strongly encourage that you invest in a pen and wax. Your quality of living is better for chronic pain patients.

  18. The pen really surprised me in how well it performed, I’ve tried many different brands and rigs but this pen actually works, it’s a consistent hit that won’t disappoint in the quality of enjoyment.

  19. This is my 3rd dab pen after trying the Gpen and the Roil both of which were $70+ this one however I bought for $40 and I can honestly say it blows the other two out of the water, the coils are stronger, better build quality, and much better air flow. 5 stars for sure!!

  20. I bought 3 similar shatter pens. The evolve+ won hands down.
    Half the price and extra coils 4 times cheaper! Good hit.
    Doesn’t plug up. Microusb, huge battery. The best.

  21. How long does the battery last and how long does it take to charge?

  22. Thank you for putting this up. Your blog is cool! Can you tell us more about this? You are wonderful. I shared your post on Instagram.


  23. I loved it, but I think my battery is done after only a month, you need to send instructions in the boxes. I burnt up a coil when I left it in my pocket without turning it off. Didn’t no how to turn it on or off.

  24. This is my first wax pen and I have to say I love it the first time I hit it sent me to the I give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for sure

  25. Great product built in jar on the bottom is awesome. Just so everyone knows if your cap gets stuck use your dab tool it comes with, run it through the hole in the top and crank it like a wrench works perfectly

  26. If the top gets stuck, put a few drops of iso/alcohol around the threads. Takes a few seconds and opens.
    I ruined my new purple pen by using pliers on it. ☹️

  27. I love this one & I’ve had a few I’ve bought. Only problem is finding vape cartridges that will work ok with it. I guess I’ll purchase one from here so I KNOW it’ll be compatible. The one I purchased had the pen blinking consistently but doesn’t warm it since I charged my pen. I’m on here looking to find out why the cartridge is doing this. I agree instructions & order forms for replacement pieces and cleaning need to be included. Othe than those two things its great. I do agree with the middle part making it difficult for those of us with no upper body strength. I have to use pliers on my Gerber to get it apart after warming it first &is scratched up from it. 3 things I guess. 5 stars. Definitely worth the money so you aren’t wasting your money. If you want a pen that will work, then this is it. Enjoy!

  28. 10/10 fantastic product used alot of low quality vapourizers wasted alot of money but certainly not on the yocan evolve plus. Don`t forget to break your coils in and fully charge your battery first time use plug it in to a none cellphone charger like computer dont use a cellphone charger as it can have negitive effects on battery. Preroll little balls of shatter to set on top the coils the size of a grain of rice or two. Tried many differnt kinds of vapourizers but this tops the charts carry it like an epipen its an epic pen.

  29. regarding difficulty getting top off; after cleaning use cotton ear swab, pour vegetable oil on it, and run around threads, works like a charm – no burn taste or odor

  30. After two months of use the threading on the battery wore out. I wish I could just order a replacement battery because I love the product. I’ve never met anyone else who has the same problem I do.

  31. Hubby is putting the dabs on coils…is that correct????

  32. Very happy with the design and quality of the product. 2 comments on functionality – Definitely agree with “a now happy person” / why the hell is there no instruction on how to turn on/off the pen? Seriously? 5 quick taps of the button, is this considered unimportant info? – Number two is the narrowness of the silver (on the black/silver) model – why is this little band between the top and bottom sections so small? This is definitely a place where the threads of either side an get locked or gummed up, should have a little more grip. BUT!, these are just design questions / great product overall and works fantastic. Thanks

  33. What does it mean when your pen won’t turn on? The red light comes on and say charging but the white light won’t come on??!

  34. I own 2 of these, both the Gold Version. Is there anywhere I can get full instructions for them? My first dab pens and I seem to be the only one that doesn’t know how to use it..

  35. I bought this pen a couple of months ago and it is definitely the best pen I have had the pleasure of using.

    The Evolve plus is a great size easy to use and the dual coils are fantastic with nice even heat great flavour and easy to clean.

    Now I wat to try the ceramic coil and to buy the Evolve plus XL

  36. Loved it just to much air flow through the mouth piece on the attached magnetic atomizer capbut fixed it with rubber o ring that fit around base and atomizerand sealed the air flow and hits like champ

  37. i didnt even buy it from the website just from a loval head shop. same price too. love this pen. its perfect so you dont have to carry torches and nectar collectors haha

  38. i didnt even buy it from the website just from a local head shop. same price too. love this pen. its perfect so you dont have to carry torches and nectar collectors haha

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