Yocan Hive

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Yocan Hive (A portable all-in-one device for Juice & Concentrate)

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Yocan Hive Atomizer &  Coil

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Silver, Black, Gold, Red, Blue


  1. I switched from an epen, it wasn’t drawing well. My local shop recommended the Hive. After using it for two days, I think it is a great, compact unit with versatility. I’m very happy with it. I’ll repost a review after a couple of months of use.

  2. So discreet and easy to use. Love it!!!!!!

  3. so I just purchased this yesterday on 4/20 from my local smoke shop and the concentrate part does not work, all it does is make the white light blink…..no smoke…….went back to the store today and she checked the other’s in store and the concentrate part on those only make the light blink as well, I was told that she would check into it and come back later…….would love some feedback on this……

  4. Awesome and easy to use, love it. Wish my smoke shop carried replacement coils. Where can I get replacement coils? Simple quick to switch tanks. Works with nicotine oils as well I have an extra tank for that

  5. Works perfectly, So small Yet Powerful.
    The extra power this puts out verses the cigalike batteries is killer for prefiled cartridges.
    Just screw the extra 510 to magnetic adapter and it hits like a champ.

  6. Super low key and hard hitting. The entire thing fits in the palm of my hand. Holds a charge like I’ve never seen. I burn through some wax faster than I can burn through the battery. Really cool device for sure. My only criticism would be the mouthpiece being too short and too open. For one thing the open design allows the mouthpiece to get dirty fairly quickly (I mean there’s wax flowing through there, talk about a pocket lint magnet), and the mouthpiece is hardly exposed. Picture taking a hit from a straw that’s just over 1cm tall and you got a good idea how the mouthpiece feels. HOWEVER, the overall functionality is incredible and this product currently my favorite peice to smoke from.

  7. (verified owner)

    Unit itself is great, drawback to purchasing is inability to obtain replacement inverts is cool or cartridge. Had to by another just to be able to use it again.

  8. (verified owner)

    Unit itself is great, drawback to purchasing is inability to obtain replacement inserts is or cartridge is a negative. Had to by another just to be able to use it again.

  9. I have a question not a review ,does anyone know how much the wax cartridge holds?

  10. Great unit. With a few tubes you can have different option in a quick easy magnetic switch. It’s just great. Coil burned out quick held it down just a bit too long too many times. Not disappointed at all

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