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Yocan iShred Vaporizer Pen

Yocantech proudly presents Yocan iShred vaporizer, the ultimate vape kit that addresses all your concerns. Features a completely new design that is meant to be an improvement over previous vape pen models made by Yocan, perfect for beginner and experts alike. Did the improvements lead to a better tobacco vaporizer pen? It seems so! Read on to get the full story of the Yocan iShred vaporizer pen.

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  1. Amazing. Not even a whisp all product vaporized. Smell proof. Go slow it will vaporize yoyr product. Even at max temp it doesnt even scorch the product. They ahould include another brush for the mesh to inhale tho. Still amazing. non replaceable 18650… 😉

    • Thank you for your support!!!! Your satisfaction would be great helpful to us !!

  2. Brilliant unit! I purchased it a couple of days ago from a local dispensary and I am more than satisfied! At first, I was a little hesitant due to the lack of smoke that it produced (it’s there just very minimal- unless I’m doing something wrong; can someone confirm?). The 5 minute counter it has on is handy, and just enough time to finish a full session (not necessarily use all the material, but reaching the desired effect). I haven’t ‘burned’ a bowl yet, and all of them reach a nice brown discoloration. The built in grinder unit is a really nifty device that is implemented very subtly and efficiently.

    All-in-all it has been a very positive experience, and for the $120 (CDN) that I paid, this is one of the best vaporizers for dry herbs I have tried under the $200 mark. It’s always easier for companies to perfect the wax and concentrate pens due to their lower required heat. Dry herb pens are hard to come by a proper unit!

  3. Great product while it works,,, Very smooth vaporizes well. However, mine failed after about a month and getting support for it has been difficult to get with lots of recommendations to buy a part for an unserviceable unit.

  4. I have to agree with justin aftet a month it no longer will charge.can you replace battery?or any suggestions

  5. The 1st one I got of this model was defective however I got a new replaced and I would say that I really like the sifting pin feature that allows all the ground herbs to be equally vaped and I also really like that u can adjust the temperature by individual degrees. I usually use between 455°-460°F. I also like that the “pollen catcher” part on the bottom is deep enough that usually can put ground herb for the go. If u fill it it usually takes 2 sessions to vape out all the resin. When it starts going down to below 200°F, then lower the temp. a couple of degrees and repress the power button to get it reheated. The 2 things I thought could be better was first the grinder/shredder…it is not sharp enough and doesn’t grind finely enough and the 2nd thing I thought could be better was if the battery lasted longer because it burns out pretty fast, but and side from those 2 minor issues, the vapor hits good although it’s sues should suggest 1st time users to replace the screen after it starts to clog with resin. It takes the 3/4″ inch screens and the best way to put them in is using an “awl” like the kind they have on multitools or swiss army knives to hole in the screen and ram issues sent down the sifting pin.

  6. a nicely built unit, I picked one up a few days ago, the chamber is a little small, it needs to be a little bigger.

    I do wish they made a mouth piece attachment, if would be it easier to get a good draw when using.
    hopefully they will sell the mouth piece attachment soon.

  7. Mine says no automizer and I can’t find anything online about what to do to fix it.

  8. What have you found the desired temperature to cape marijuana

  9. I love mine, but the screen inside the mouthpiece gets gummed up real fast. I was wondering if there was a way of replacing it? Or are there replacement mouthpieces? I’ve seen some for sale in the states but not the UK – anyone help?

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