6 Facts To Know Before Trying Vape

If you don’t smoking, please do not start vape. Here is an article from Yocan fan, find out some common sense about vape device or vaping culture. Here we go, 6 Facts To Know Before Trying Vape.

Many people are following the trend of vaping due it’s various benefits and amazing features. Vaping is considered to be the easy, affordable and safer alternative to traditional smoking.


If you are one of those willing to try vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes or maybe just thinking about experimenting, then maybe you should think twice. Vaping might seem to be harmless enough to people but all things considered, are e-cigarettes better than conventional cigarettes or not?
If this question arises in your minds as well, then keep reading to find out 6 mind-blowing facts that you must know before you start vaping.

Less toxic chemicals but not free of them.
The conventional cigarettes usually contain thousands of chemicals that are toxic for our bodies. It is a fact that vape pens and electronic cigarettes have lesser toxic chemicals in them in comparison to e-cigs. But one should also note that they are not free of toxic chemicals too. In fact, there are a variety of such e-cigarettes available that may have more or less amount of nicotine, e-juices or cannabis in them. As a result, they have harmful substances too, albeit, in lesser quantities.

Better than Traditional Cigarettes but still not Good.
The e-juices in the cartridges are the main component of e-cigarettes. These e-juices are made up of nicotine that is extracted from tobacco and usually includes other flavors, colors and chemicals. One can also use dry herbs in vaporizers if they want. You can buy the best quality vape products from reliable online stores like Yocan Vaporizer. But it can’t be ignored that it includes certain toxic chemicals that can be harmful for the body.

The FDA is Concerned about Vaping
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is doubtful about the effectiveness of the vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Several researches are underway regarding the long-term effects of vape pens and electronic cigarettes. They are looking for any possible connection with the high consuming of such cigarettes and health problems.

Electronic Cigarettes Can Be Addictive
The e-cigarettes are chosen by many as a tool to quit smoking. But due to the nicotine in the e-liquids, one must not ignore the possibility that even e-cigarettes can be addictive. There are a number of cases where people started using them as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and got addictive to them instead. One addiction isn’t better than the other.

Electronic Cigarettes Might Not Help In Quitting Smoking
Even though the e-cigarettes are considered to be better than traditional cigarettes, they aren’t all that good. They are marketed by the manufacturers as an effective and safe tool to quit smoking over a period of time, there are still doubts about their effectiveness. Even the FDA is skeptical of their long term effects on the human body. Even though many people have successfully ceased smoking traditional cigarettes after starting to vape, it’s not the case for everyone. There are many people who started vaping to quit smoking cigarettes and now they not only smoke traditional cigarettes but also vape e-cigarettes. So it’s very important to be very careful before starting it.

Trend Amongst The Youngsters
Excessive vaping may be harmful for the health of a person. Also, one be mindful of the amount that they are consuming.
A large number of high school kids are among the regular vapers. Many of them are those who have never smoked in their life but have started vaping. Teenagers might be attracted to the e-cigs as they are believed to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes, have a variety of flavors to choose from and aren’t so much costly. All these factors make them appealing to youngsters.
Even though they are becoming the trend amongst the youngsters, e-cigarettes aren’t necessarily good for them. One should be cautious of the nicotine one is vaping. If one starts trying them out at a very early age then the chances are that it won’t be good for them in the long run. They should know that e-cigarettes also have nicotine in them and in many cases, the amount of nicotine may be more than what a traditional cigarette has.

As a result, it’s highly advisable to be cautious of the amount of nicotine one consumes. Any toxic chemical is bad for us no matter which medium of consumption we choose.

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