A Quick Guide on How to Clean a Dry Herb Vape

How to clean a dry herb vaporizer or weed vape device? Here is a sponsor article from Yocan fan. Read on and find out a quick guideline. Any question about the dry herb vapes or Yocan vaporizer devices, feel free drop us a comment.

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Contrary to popular belief, vape products don’t only come in the form of e-liquids. Some are sold as concentrates, herbs, and even dry flowers. While the vaping mechanism is similar for vape juices, concentrates, and herbs, each of these products requires a specialized vape device. One such device is a dry herb vape.

As the name suggests, a dry herb vape is a special type of vaporizer used to smoke dry flowers, herbs, and certain concentrates. Dry herb vape are renowned for their remarkable convenience.
But like any other e-cig, dry herb vapes need regular cleaning and maintenance to guarantee their efficiency and longevity. Read on and explore to learn how to clean a dry herb vape.

Why Should You Clean Your Dry Herb Vaporizer?
One of the primary reasons you should clean a dry herb vape is to improve the vapor’s quality. Dirty dry herb vaporizers may exude unsavory tastes, affecting your vaping experience.
Cleaning your vaporizer from time to time also allows the device to work within optimal ranges. Without regular cleaning, dirt, debris, and grime might accumulate in the vaporizer’s internal chambers. The build-up of residue makes the device work harder than it’s designed to, leading to frequent breakdowns.
The following are other reasons you should clean a dry herb vaporizer regularly;
●It allows you to fill the oven in each vaping session.
●It encourages the complete vaporization of your herbs and dry flowers as heat is evenly distributed throughout the device.
●It lowers draw resistance due to an increase in airflow.
●It’s great for aesthetic appeal.
●It’s the only way to detect possible issues with the device and prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

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A Guide on How to Clean a Dry Herb E-cig :
First and foremost, it’s important to reiterate the importance of investing in CBD vape pens that work well. Cleaning your vaporizer will not make any difference in enhancing its efficiency and durability if the product itself is of substandard value.

Remember that you don’t need to deep-clean your dry herb vape device every other day. A regular spot clean will help to prevent the build-up of residue inside the internal chambers of the vaporizer.

Many dry herb vape products come with a special wire brush or other poking tool, as you shall find. Experts advise using the wire brush to dislodge any debris trapped in your vape product after every vaping session. If you’re not a heavy vaper, you can spot clean your device once a week.
However, note that you’ll still need to give our dry herb vape device a thorough clean, regardless of how regularly you spot-clean it on a long enough timeline.

The following is a guide on how to go about deep-cleaning your dry herb vape device;

1.Disassemble the device
A dry herb vape comprises the basic components that comprise regular vaporizers, including a mouthpiece, battery, and the heating chamber.
To give the device a thorough clean, you’ll need to take it apart and deal with each component separately.

2.Empty the device
After disassembling your dry herb vape, now empty the heating chamber. To do that, tap the whole content gently into your ashtray or stash container.

3.Brush the heating chamber
Brushing a dry herb vape is akin to spot-cleaning the device. Except that, in this case, you want to be a bit thorough.
While brushing the device, focus on the ledges around the heating chamber’s top to find clogged residue.
As you work on the heating components, also give the screen a gentle brush. Be sure not to poke the screen as making large holes on it could affect draw resistance.

4.Clean the mouthpiece
The mouthpiece is the part of your dry herb vape that’s always in direct contact with your mouth. So, a dirty mouthpiece not only affects the vapor quality, but it can also lead to infections.
Follow the same routine you used to clean the heating chamber – dislodging clogged debris using a special poker tool. After that, use a cotton cloth piece to wipe down both the inside and the mouthpiece.
Remember to use a cleaning solution that’s easy on the mouthpiece, depending on the material it’s made of. Dry herb vape mouthpieces can come in glass, rubber, or plastic materials.

5.Clean the battery
A dirty dry herb vape battery directly affects the overall performance of the device. So, pay even keener attention while cleaning the battery.
Removing all clogged residue on the surface of the battery isn’t enough. You should also clear any debris that could be obstructing the connection between the battery and the heating chamber. That will ensure an uninterrupted power flow, eliminating incidences of non-firing.
6.Reassemble the unit
Once you’re done with all the internal components, reassemble the unit. Don’t hesitate to consult your manual if you’re unsure of what goes where.

Points to Note While Cleaning Your Dry Herb E-cig
●Always use professionally-recommended liquids, especially when cleaning the inner chambers of your dry herb e-cig. Isopropyl alcohol is a popularly recommended solvent for cleaning the mouthpiece but always check with your manual before using it.
●Always be gentle when cleaning each component. The exercise requires ample time and a bit of focus.
●It’s advisable to clean the oven while it’s still warm. That way, any residues would still be soft and easier to dislodge.

Cleaning a dry herb vape regularly goes a long way in maximizing the device’s efficiency and longevity. However, the vital thing is to know how to safely clean the vaporizer. That includes familiarizing yourself with the right cleaning equipment and solutions. Hopefully, after going through this guide, you can now go ahead and clean your dry herb e-cig from the point of information.

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