July 2021

February 2021

Chinese New Year Promotion

Chinese New Year Promotion

Hi guys, Thank you very much for your persistence and liking Yocan. If you just want to buy Yocan related products,please enjoy this offer as much as possible. There is no minimum amount or limit on the number of purchases. Details are as follows: 10% OFF SITEWIDE CODE:SYOC JAN 5 - FEB 23 2021 And Yocan wants to keep up with supporters, we welcome everyone to give us opinions or suggestions, and speak freely. In order to bring you better products and services. PS:NO SHIPPMENT AND...

January 2021

5 Reasons To Prefer Vaping Over Smoking

More and more people want to a healthier life style. vaping is better than smoking based on current research. Here is an article from Yocan fan, 5 Reasons To Prefer Vaping Over Smoking. Quitting smoking is the most challenging thing ever. When you try quitting cigarettes, you are breaking the habit and facing terrible withdrawal symptoms. Your appetite shoots up, and cravings for nicotine destroys the focus and sanity. At this time, all you think about is lighting one and enjoying the...

November 2020

Black Friday


Hi guys, Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday is coming quietly, we have prepared a week-long flash sale for you. This event discounts up to 40%!!! Come and choose your favorite products. In order to further let you understand it, we have specifically listed the comparison of the original and discounted prices of some popular products for easy reference,as follows: Official website: www.yocanonline.com Time: NOV 24 - NOV 30 Code: YOCAN Note: This discount code can applicate Evolve plus,Magneto,Evolve ,Evolve plus xl, Stix,etc.Some products do not...

6 Facts To Know Before Trying Vape

If you don't smoking, please do not start vape. Here is an article from Yocan fan, find out some common sense about vape device or vaping culture. Here we go, 6 Facts To Know Before Trying Vape. Many people are following the trend of vaping due it's various benefits and amazing features. Vaping is considered to be the easy, affordable and safer alternative to traditional smoking. If you are one of those willing to try vaping as an alternative to smoking...

The Ultimate Guide To Vape Oil Cartridges for Beginners

Are you still search The Ultimate Guide To Vape Oil Cartridges for Beginners on google? Here is a article sponsor from a Yocan vape fan. Read on and find out everything you need to know about vape oil cartridges. Vaping is an easy, healthy and cost-effective way to consume cannabis. Using pen vapes or vape pens with pre-filled cartridges make consuming CBD even easier. It eliminates the lengthy process of grinding the weed, rolling a joint and then smoking. With...

Best Way To Use Vape Pens For Concentrate

Do you know ways to use vape pens for concentrate? Here is an article from Yocan Fan, about the 6 ultimate ways to vaping for beginner users. Read on and find out the best way to start your vape pen devices. A vape pen is a strong and powerful tool that produces vapor by heating up the vape tank or cartridge. They are small rechargeable battery-operated devices that are compact-sized and shaped like a pen. They offer long battery capacity...

October 2020

Halloween Special Sale

Halloween Special Sale

Hi supporter, In advance, we wish you a wonderful Halloween with the people around you.Have you already chosen your style and clothing?Welcome to leave a message to tell us. In addition, Yocan also prepared surprises for you. Official website: www.yocanonline.comUP to 40% OFF Note: This discount code can applicate Evolve plus,Magneto,Evolve ,Evolve plus xl, Stix,etc.Some products do not participate.For example,Apex,x,lit etc.The order must over 51$. code:YocanH22nd -31st Oct. 2020 Thank you for your love and support for our classic products. Yocan Team



Hi Lovers of UNI PRO, UNI PRO has released 5 new colors, namely Dark Blue, Apple Green, Green,Purple, Rosy. Come on, everyone, there is always a color that belongs to you.Now it has an exclusive discount of 10%, and there is no limit to the number of purchases. Waiting for you! Official website: www.yocanonline.com Time: 22nd -31st Oct. 2020Code: YocanF Thank you for your support to UNI PRO. Yocan Team

Everything You Need To Know About Concentrate Vaping

As the concentrate vaping industry has continued to evolve, we have more vape pen ways than ever to satisfy our vaping needs. This post from Yocan fan, and will introduce concentrate vaping 101 topic. Any question about concentrate vape device, please leave a comment below. Traditional smoking techniques prove to be quite harmful due to the inhalation of tar and other toxic fumes. Due to combustion, smoking makes way for dangerous gases and degrades the pulmonary functions. With safer alternatives...