Everything You Need To Know About Concentrate Vaping

As the concentrate vaping industry has continued to evolve, we have more vape pen ways than ever to satisfy our vaping needs. This post from Yocan fan, and will introduce concentrate vaping 101 topic. Any question about concentrate vape device, please leave a comment below.

Problem- Not enough vapor

Traditional smoking techniques prove to be quite harmful due to the inhalation of tar and other toxic fumes. Due to combustion, smoking makes way for dangerous gases and degrades the pulmonary functions. With safer alternatives like vaping, you can minimize poisonous substances’ inhalation and the accumulation of tar in the body. Along with this, many countries might legalize marijuana usage for both recreational as well as medical aspects. One of the best ways to vape is through concentrates or dabs. Not only does it enhance the flavors of the herb, but it also limits the generation of lethal fumes, gases, as well as tar.

Here’s all you need to do know about concentrate vaping to start your journey effortlessly.

What Is Concentrate Vaping?

Vaping is the process of inhaling vapors created using a concentrate or e-liquid in a full-fledged electronic cigarette. The type of vaping depends upon the kind of products you use to generate vapors. While regular vaping involves e-juices, the concentrate vaping or dabbing revolves around the usage of concentrates. These concentrates are quite potent forms of active ingredients with minimal inactive compounds. Along with this, you require reliable dab pens to enjoy the concentrate vaping. Most of the concentrates arise from various parts of cannabis plants, like indica flower.
Types Of Concentrates

In case you’re about to start your concentrate vape journey, you must research the varieties of concentrates. Also, try to ascertain the differences between each one. Not only will it help you fetch the suitable concentrate, but it also allows you to make wise vaping decisions.


Here’s the glass-like concentrate that possesses the maximum potency. With more than 80% potency, shatter provides the best dabbing experience. Along with this, you can use the concentrate by placing the piece in the atomizer of your dab pen. However, make sure to be careful as shatter is prone to breaking quite easily.


Crumble is yet another concentrate variety that’s a bit low on the potency. You might consider this variant if you wish to achieve moderate-high and ultimate relaxation. Also, it appears similar to shatter concentrates and is a little more sticky than the former.


If you’re looking for a malleable concentrate with the best flavors, then budder is the right choice. You require a dab tool to handle this variety as it’s way too malleable. Also, it contains high levels of terpenes and provides a satisfactory vaping experience.


Wax is one of the concentrates found in abundance and high on flavors. However, it contains not more than 60% purity and makes up for this in terms of flavors. In case you’re low on budget, you can get the wax concentrate at reasonable prices.
How Are Concentrates Made?

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The extraction of concentrates is a complex and time-consuming process. It takes into account a variety of complicated procedures using the various strains of cannabis plants. Along with this, some expert techniques like carbon dioxide extraction of hydrocarbons help enhance the potency of the concentrates. Experts use the hydrocarbons like ethanol or butane to bring the best out of the cannabis sources. Also, the type of concentrate depends upon the type of marijuana plant, the complex techniques, and the quality of the buds used in the procedure.
Benefits Of Concentrate Vaping

Concentrate vaping is much better than the usual vaping techniques due to a variety of reasons. It contains a higher amount of active ingredients and provides all the essential compounds. Along with this, concentrates contain top-notch flavors and enhance the vaping experience by two to three folds.
1.Higher Potency

Due to the complex concentration or extraction procedures, the concentrates contain abundant active compounds. A single block of concentrate is rich in all the required active ingredients and provides the best high.

2. Top-Notch Flavors

Concentrates provide the ultimate flavors packed with active constituents of the cannabis plant. However, the intensity of flavor depends upon the type of concentrate you use. Every concentrate fetches the much-needed flavor that is absent in traditional smoking or dry herb vaporizers.
Parts Of Concentrate Vape Pens

To perform concentrate vaping like a pro, you must acquaint yourself with the vape pens’ anatomy and working. All the concentrate vape pens are similar when it comes to the anatomy or the functions. Also, it contains various parts like atomizer, mouthpiece, and connections. You can fill the atomizer with concentrates and light it up for an enjoyable vaping experience. However, make sure to find the right vape pen depending upon the battery’s type and capacity instilled in it. You might come across batteries with capacities ranging from 800 to 2000 mAh or more. Make sure to check out the concentrate vape pen Yocan Apex for the best quality and blissful vaping experience.

Final Verdict

Vaping has a lot of advantages over traditional smoking techniques. Also, the concentrate vaping method proves to be the best one out of all the vaping methods available. It provides high levels of active compounds and instills the much-needed flavor. Along with this, you get to choose the type of concentrate based on taste and consistency. Make sure to learn more about the parts of vape pens and concentrate types to start your dabbing journey effortlessly.

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