How To Steep E-Juice And Get Better Flavor From E-Liquid

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The process of steeping something has been around forever. Teas, beer, wine, and even particular food are steeped regularly to attain the best results. Vapers are taking on this process as well to steep their e-juice.

Steeping helps to age the e-juice. In aging, the e-juice will be free from any harsh tastes, such as those derived from the bottle itself. During this process, the flavors in the e-juice will have time to mix well together. These include nicotine, flavorings, and PG/VG.

When they are blended well together, oxidation occurs, leading to the removal of alcohol from the juice. It is here that the juice becomes darker in color.

How to steep e-juice for optimal results

Whether you have bought award-winning cheap vape juices or invested in an expensive bottle, having a great vaping experience is the overall goal. An excellent way to determine whether your vape juice needs steeping or not is to taste it.

If you like its flavor, you are good to go. However, if you prefer your juice to have an improved flavor, steeping it is the way to go. Although there are ways you can speed up the steeping process, the truth is that steeping takes time and a little patience.

The process starts with where you store your e-juice. Ideally, it would help if you stored it in a cool, dark place. Giving your juice a good shake every once in a while helps improve the steeping process.

Breathing the e-juice

Steeping the juice starts with letting it breathe. All you need to do is take the cap off for a few hours. For vape juices that contain alcohol, this is an important step to let the alcohol evaporate. Leave the lid off for a maximum of 12 hours.

Streathing the e-juice

Streathing (steeping and breathing) the vape juice starts by giving the bottle a good shake. After that, put the bottle under warm tap water. The warm water will help enhance the flavors of the juice. Once you do that, remove the cap again and place the liquid in the same cool, dark spot for another two hours. When time’s up, put the lid back on and shake the bottle again.

Steeping time for different flavors

Different flavored vape juice will require different steeping times for optimal results. For example, fruit-flavored e-juices can be vaped within two days of the steeping process. Other flavors, however, need more time. Dessert flavors and tobacco fall under this category. For optimal results, you should wait for at least two weeks of steeping before vaping these juices.

How to speed up the steeping process?

Although time is the best tool for optimal steeping results, the following are a few hacks you can try to help speed up the steeping process when waiting is not an option.

The slow cooker method

Slow cookers are great because they provide a consistent temperature. They are useful when it comes to making the perfect dinner, but they can also be used to steep your vape juice. Fill the slow cooker with water and put it on the lowest heat setting. Put your juice bottles in a plastic bag inside and shake the bag occasionally.

The bath method

Start by filling a bowl with warm water — warm enough that your hand can handle the heat. Place the juice bottle in plastic and put it in the water for a couple of hours.

The magnetic stirrer method

Magnetic stirrers are usually found in laboratories to cause the liquid to stir very quickly. If you happen to have one in your home, you can use it to steep your e-juice. Start by placing the e-juice in a large glass container. After that, put it on the magnetic stirrer and let it do its job.

The ultrasonic cleaner method

An ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasound to agitate the fluid. You may have already invested in one to clean your vape gear, but it can also be used to steep e-juice. You do this by filling the ultrasonic cleaner with water and letting ultrasonic waves run through the juice.

The seed steeping method

Another quick-speed option is the seed steeping method. This process involves mixing steeped e-juice with the liquid that isn’t.

Becoming a steeping pro

The steeping process is especially useful if you are making e-juice at home. Experts share that usually, DIY e-juice that has been steeped tastes much better than freshly made e-juice. What you should keep in mind, however, is that much like many things out there, the best way to attain optimal results is to allow time to do its job. So a key component to becoming a steeping pro is to be patient.

Even so, steeping will not change a lousy juice into a good one. If you are steeping the liquid and it continues to taste bad, you can’t expect it to start tasting good. Steeping works to enhance the flavors of juice, but it cannot turn a lousy blend into a good one.

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