Let’s Vaporize Marijuana


A Cannabis Smoker’s Guide to Vaporizing

People have smoked cannabis for centuries to enjoy its health benefits like reducing stress and stimulating appetite. But smoking releases harsh toxins that damage your lungs and can cause cancer. Plus it’s messy. And stinky.

Vaporizers heat cannabis to temperatures below burning point (451°F) which releases potent vapor with the same physical and mental benefits of smoking marijuana, but without the harsh smoke toxins1. And the herb odor is much less.

Willie Nelson talks about switching from smoking to vaporizing

WWillie Nelson Vapes
“I’ve changed my habits a little bit. I’ve smoked so much and I got congestion from it, wheezing in the night and coughing. So I switched over to a vaporizer. You don’t get any smoke, and you don’t get any heat. And for a singer or someone’s lungs, it’s much, much healthier. There’s pot in the vaporizer, but when you puff it in, you’re getting vapors, but not heat and not smoke. I think it’s even stronger, too.”


Four Benefits of Vaporizing

  1. It’s healthier than smoking — vapor contains virtually none of the harsh toxins found in smoke;
  2. Works fast and is easy to control dose, unlike edible pot brownies or bread;
  3. Efficient; generally you use 10–30% less herb than smoking pipes, joints or bongs;
  4. Hardly any smell, only a faint herb odor that allows you to be more discreet.


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