Yocan Armor Plus Coil (5pcs)

Yocan Armor Plus QDC coil package box

Yocan Armor Plus Coil (5pcs)


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Yocan Armor Plus


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Yocan Armor Plus Replacement QDC Coils or QTC Coils, which one is your choice? The Yocan Armor Plus also comes with two coil options like the Yocan Regen.

Package Content:

5 x Yocan Armor Plus coils


The replacement coils are compatible with the Yocan Armor Plus ( and Yocan Regen or Yocan Evolve plus).
Available in Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) and Quartz Tri Coil (QTC)
Does not include coil caps unless you purchase them.

Yocan Armor Plus vape pen providing QTC coil and QDC coil for on the go vaping.Yocan Armor Plus vape pen comes with two coil options.Yocan Armor Plus QTC coil chamberYocan Armor Plus QDC coil chamberYocan Armor Plus QDC coil package boxYocan Armor Plus QTC coil package box

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Coil Type

QTC Coil, QDC Coil