Yocan Hit

The Yocan Hit is an affordable weed vape with surprisingly high end features for a low price.

Yocan Hit


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The Yocan Hit pen-style dry herb vaporizer for sale.

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Yocan HIT mouthpiece



The Yocan Hit Dry Vaporizer On-the-go Pen is a marvel of dry vaporizer, provide amazing convection sessions on the go. Designed for use with dry material.

How to use Yocan Hit?

Please go to Yocan Hit user Manual page.


Package Content:

1x Yocan Hit Vaporizer
1x Cleaning Brush
1x USB-C Charging Cable
1x User Manual

Yocan HIT Dry Herb Vaporizer for SaleYocan Hit vaporizer pen come with 5 colors. The Yocan Hit is a marvel of dry vaporizer, provide amazing convection sessions on the go.Built with the user in mind, the Hit has all the essential features needed for a groundbreaking vaporizerThe Yocan HIT Vaporizer is equipped with a high-quality ceramic heating chamber.The smart vibration function gives the Yocan HIT Vaporizer the capability to speak to you and notify you of the status of the device every step of the way.SUPER FAST HEAT-UP TIMES - Boasting a true heat-up time of 30 secondsthe Yocan has a 3 and a 5 minute differential the user can set for a vape sessionYocan Hit Vaporizer Pen come with Superbly Diffused Airflow.Yocan Hit Dry Herb Vaporizer protection.The Hit has a large and clear OLED screenYocan Hit compact size.Yocan Hit Dry Herb Vaporizer package content.

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Black, Champagne, Red, Silver, sky blue

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