November 2020

Best Way To Use Vape Pens For Concentrate

Do you know ways to use vape pens for concentrate? Here is an article from Yocan Fan, about the 6 ultimate ways to vaping for beginner users. Read on and find out the best way to start your vape pen devices. A vape pen is a strong and powerful tool that produces vapor by heating up the vape tank or cartridge. They are small rechargeable battery-operated devices that are compact-sized and shaped like a pen. They offer long battery capacity...

July 2020

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Top 9 Most Well-Guarded Secrets About Vaporizers

Here is a sponsor post from our Yocan fan. Read on to find out 9 Most Well-Guarded Secrets About Vaporizers. Any vape pen question, please comment below. Vaporizer Pen seem to be everywhere these days. Chances are you know or have seen someone who regularly vapes.What about you? Have you tried vaping? Are you thinking about giving it a go? Before you do, make sure you have all the facts. Here are some of the top facts about vaporizers. Vaporizers Are...

December 2017

Yocan Weekend Flash Sale (Dec 09 – Dec 10)

Dear customers, Yocan Weekend Flash Sale already begin now,hot items with big discount,only 2 days,first come first served. Time: Dec 09 - Dec 10,217 (GMT+8) Yocan Evolve Plus XL,original price $85,now only $68. Yocan Evolve Plus XL Coil (5pcs),original price $38,now only $29.99 Yocan Magneto,original price $85,now only $68. Yocan Magneto Coil (5pcs),original price $45,now only $36. Enjoy shopping,enjoy vaping! Have a nice weekends! Yocan

October 2017

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How to use a vaporizer pen ?

If you are turning to vaping,then a vaporizer pen is a nice choice for beginner,since it's easy to use.What you need to prepare are a vaporizer pen and some material.Let me take Yocan Magneto as an example to tell you how to use a vaporizer pen. Firstly,please make sure your vape pen has power (battery),like the Yocan Magneto,if the red light flashes 10 times,then it's time to charge it.Use the micro usb cable to charge it,the red light will disappear when the Yocan Magneto...