September 2020

Vape 101: Different Types of Vape Devices You Need To Know About

Are you a new vape user? Do you know different vape device has differ target users. Here is a sponsor article about vape device 101 from Yocan fan. Read on and find our which vape device is your choice. Related topic: How to choose your Yocan Products Smoking is a very common term that you hear almost every day, isn't it? But, there's another word that is getting quite common these days, and that is vaping. Vaping devices are the talk...

June 2020

What’s Best You Can Get In Yocan Vaporizers But Not Anywhere Else

Yocan is a premium brand in the world of vaping. Over the years, the brands’ vaporizers became very popular in the vaping community. Yocan products cater to the needs of modern vapers worldwide, and you can see them acknowledged on popular vape forums and social media. Is this a mere coincidence, or do Yocan products deserve such a positive opinion?Yocan didn’t become a premium brand overnight. Teams of experts have been continuously working on improving the vaporizers and designing...

March 2020

Yocan Weekly Deals End 31th Mar

Yocan Weekly Deals End: 31th Mar

Do you want to get a special offer from Yocan? Yocan Weekly Deals is here. Yocan Weekly Deals - 40% OFF sitewideTime: 23th Mar - 31th MarCode: YocanMar Note: This discount code can applicate all items list on our retail site, except for some items, like UNI, UNI Pro, HIT, Regen, etc. The order must over 40. By the way, if you want to get a Yocan HIT vaporizer for free, please go to the latest blog Yocan HIT Vaporizer Giveaway Mar...