Vape 101: Different Types of Vape Devices You Need To Know About

Are you a new vape user? Do you know different vape device has differ target users. Here is a sponsor article about vape device 101 from Yocan fan. Read on and find our which vape device is your choice.

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Smoking is a very common term that you hear almost every day, isn’t it? But, there’s another word that is getting quite common these days, and that is vaping. Vaping devices are the talk of the town as they are getting more popular.

A lot of people around the world are saying no to smoking and turning to vape. It is inhaling vapors from a vaping device. Batteries power them, and you will need to fill them with cartridges if you want to vape. Many of these come with different kinds of flavors and are available in many categories. Each of these devices is unique and fun to use.

If you are a fan of vaping, then you must be aware of the wide range of vaping devices that are available in the market. Are you aware of these devices? No? Then don’t worry. Today’s blog will discuss different vaping devices you can use.

Vape Pens

Yocan Evolve-D vaporizer pen Sakura Pink

Vape pens look pretty similar to standard pens and are the acronym for vaporizer pens. These devices are much different from e-cigarettes or pod vapes. Vape pens are usually available in different sizes, designs, and shapes.

The biggest benefit of using a vape pen is that they can be easily ported from one place to another. Being small and compact, you can carry them inside a pocket as well. You have the option to choose a vape pen, which is either refillable or also disposable. If you are new to vaping, then you will be really satisfied to use them. CBDfx vape juice can be a great addition to your collection of vape flavors.

Pros –
●Carry it easily
●Available in different variants
●Refill or dispose it without hassle
●Gives a satisfactory hit always.

Cons –
●Batteries are not very long-lasting.
●Less powerful than box mods

Disposable Vape

These are small and simple to use, and you can use them instantly. Once vaping completes, you can easily discard them and pick another one. They are very useful when you are traveling as they take little space. Disposable E-cigarettes come with the influence of nicotine that allows it to offer a nice hit with a great level of satisfaction always.

Pros –
●Small and very convenient
●Best for stealth vaping
●Discreet and pocket-friendly
●Very easy to use

Cons –
●Single-use can increase waste.
●The flavor output is mediocre.
●You cannot refill them.

Pod Vapes

Yocan x vape pen ig herbit420 - 02

Pod vapes are really popular now as they are very easy to use and operate. A pod vape is a two-piece device that has a lot of similarities with an e-cigarette. The two parts are namely the batter and the refillable pod. It attracts the youth a lot because they are affordable and can offer a better experience than a standard e-cigarette. Pod vapes are also a good fit for salt e-liquids if you like them.

Pros –
●Easy to operate
●Practical form factor
●Pods are refillable
●Can be activated with a button
●Good for stealth vaping

Cons –
●Batteries don’t last long.
●Vapor strength is average.

Box Mods

Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod battery - red

Box mods are a much larger and powerful option when it comes to vaping. The extra size matters a lot because they are much ahead of e-cigarettes or pod vapes in terms of performance and satisfaction. Most of these come with many features like wattage and temperature control. These are usually powered by a single battery that offers brilliant temperature and wattage control along with a mid-range ohm tank. Due to more power, they can provide, box mods can deliver a good hit. These devices can be obtained from online dispensary Canada.

Pros –
●Lots of options to choose
●Better vaping performance
●Batteries last longer
●You can use it with different tanks

Cons –
●Can be tricky
●Not suited for beginners

Sub Ohm Mods

They are kind of box mods that are fun to use. The mod’s overall power will come from the external batteries or, in some cases, internal ones. Many of these deliver a continuous power output of at least 40 watts!

But, that’s not surprising because premium and high-end devices can give out an output of 200 watts as well. How cool is that? The majority of the vapers choose a sub-ohm mod between the power of 50 – 100 watts. They take your vaping experience and satisfaction to a whole new level every time you use them.

Pros –
●Very powerful
●Can produce 200 watts
●Comes in different variants
●Long-lasting performance

Cons –
●Can be very expensive
●Not suitable for beginners

Final Words

Vaping can be a great activity if you can do it the right way. It is seen as the best alternative to smoking cigarettes, and many people around the globe are taking it up. Vaping is fun and exciting, but you also need to be sure of the device you are using. Make sure to read our blog and learn more about the different vaping devices available.

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