Best Portable Enail — Yocan Torch (Tobacco & Concentrate )

Best Portable Enail — Yocan Torch

Yocan Torch can be one of the best portable enail in the market, with a fabulous appearance, customer-friendly design, and health dabbing mode. It will definitely become the next iconic product after Yocan Evolve Plus. Let’s see what’re the highlights of this device.


Two in one (tobacco vaporizer & concentrate pen):

The basic device comes with Quartz Dual Coil, which guarantees a crystal clean and smooth essence. If you want to use Yocan Torch for tobacco backing, simply replace the QDC with a ceramic coil (Pancake Dual Coil).


1.5-2.5hr Charging Time:

The battery is chargeable with a Micro USB port, simply connect it with a wall adapter or computer by USB cable. 1.5-2.5hr is enough with a 5V1A wall adapter.Best Portable Enail Yocan TorchYocan Torch Best Portable Enail


Male or female attachment for different sizes of glass.

The Torch eNail fits for 14mm and 18mm ground joints, you can use male or female attachment according to the size of the glass.

Best Portable EnailBest portable enail


Two options: You can use either the airflow tube or the glass tube.

It provides two options for your different preference, you can use either the airflow tube or glass tube for better dabbing experience. What’s the difference? You are gotta to enjoy a smoother and fuller hit by simply pressing the spring loaded carb, which allows a large amount air through to replace smoke.When you use the glass tube, you will be entertained with a visual feast by seeing clearly the whole combustion processing.


Don’t close your door when happiness comes for any reason. Yocan Torch Portable eNail perform well as the roles of both tobacco vaporizer and concentrate pen.You don’t need to take another machine in the pocket because Yocan Torch can meets all your needs with it’s magnificent and practical functions.

Best Portable Enail – Yocan Torch

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