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Yocan Technology Co., Ltd is a leading healthy electronic cigarette manufacturer and exporter from Shenzhen area of China. Our products contain: vaporizer, vaporizer pen, e cigarette, atomizer.etc. We promote a healthy lifestyle by connecting wholesaler to retailers and customers, strive to promote not only an elevate way of smoking, but also thinking and living. Each model is designed by our professional.

Why us

Top quality
Yocan brand has enjoyed a good repution in the electronic cigarette market all over the world.Every step during the production is under strict quality control.

Patent Technology
Yocan is the first to pioneer the function of electronic cigarette with magnetic filter and will perisistently strive for innovative technology products.

Professional service
The product is covered by our warranty,if the failure happen we will resend you for free.

All of our products have passed the CE,RoHS,FCC,certification and the quality are guaranteed.

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5 Facts Which Prove Vaping Can Release Stress

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2020 Jun